Kreativan Technologies ensures at designing the website that is user friendly and at the same time can hold a better position in the market to withstand the rivals.

Our team of web developers lay emphasis on the specifications of the users and delivers the best website enclosing user interest by making it relatable and at the same time helps to rise in market.

Web Development

Our Approach


WordPress is a very effective tool used for managing content. It is used mainly for blogging. Apart from blogging it can be used in website building and generating content. Template and plugin architecture are the key features of WordPress. It is free and open source tool for managing content and can be used efficiently to make our websites more effective.


CodeIgniter is used to develop websites using PHP. It is a development framework and fastens the pace of developing website. Our company works on the development frameworks and develops ruction free websites and web applications.

Custom PHP

PHP (Hypertext processor or personal homepage) is a server-side scripting language which is opensource along with the access of downloading it for free. The PHP codes can also be mixed with HTML codes that can be used for scripting.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

HTML abbreviated as Hypertext Markup language is the basic architecture of the web pages and websites. HTML combined with CSS and JAVASCRIPT can be used to modify the basic HTML. Layout, Formatting and appearance can be done using CSS. The websites can be made dynamic using JavaScript.

We offer comprehensive & efficient web development services that are rooted in creativity & founded in technical expertise.
Whether its web development using popular technique stacks & frameworks or portal solutions that emphasize brand and showcase products or services- We will get it covered!