Before submitting the product, it is very necessary to perform quality assurance testing. Quality assurance is done in order to check malfunctioning of the software. It should be done pre-hand to avoid any muddle. QA also helps in building the faith of the customers and turns them to happy clients.

However, any sort of disorder can create a deep gap in relations. We aim at building healthy relations with our clients. As any sort of jumble can utter the bond.


Testing is performed in two ways

Manual testing

Automation testing


Manual testing involves manpower to test the meticulous working of software. This is the most rudimentary form of testing and is must to perform. It ensures the highest possibility of finding the bugs if any and allows the fixing. In manual testing the end user is replaced by the tester. He then performs all sort of operations that are likely to be performed by the user. If the software withstands all the situation without any hurdles than it paves the way to automation testing.


Automation testing is the way of comparing the obvious outcomes to the actual outcomes of the test performed. This is performed using a special software and makes the possibility of performing all the tests that are hard to perform manually. Special tools such as window and web automation tools are designed to carry out the task. Easy debugging, logging, platform and OS independency, distributed software approach is some of the parameters for which the test is performed. This reduces the time occupancy also. The major approaches are:
• Graphical user interface testing
• API testing