Training Courses

Web Development

The procedure of framing a website or webpage using JAVA, Phyton and the PHP refers to website development. Websites can be run on platforms like internet or any private network. A website can either be static or dynamic. 

Application Development

Android is one of the leading operating system used significantly on mobile phones and tablets. It uses coding languages like Kotlin, JAVA and C++. JAVA is a computer programming language outlined to work in distributed abode.

IOS Development

IOS is an operating system designed exclusively for Apple mobiles. This MAC derived operating system is being cast-off in IPOD and IPAD.2007 brought a turning point in the history of mobiles. Apple launched its first ever Smartphone 

Banner Designing

Banners can be seen anywhere hanging and displaying different types of advertisements. Sometimes some sort of information about time and the venue are also contained. These are in existence from very long and are also the basis of communication for 

Brochure Designing

Brochure is a booklet containing information about the subject for which it is designed. Brochures are more of an informative coloured paper templateor leaflets organised in orderly manner to make it educative and spellbinding.

Logo Designing

A customary brand is always evident by a pleasing logos. Logo are also termed as graphic marks or emblems.Logo designing is the unique art of combining pictures text and graphics. Logo make a firm mismatch able shadow of what kind of services


PLC or Programmable Logic Controller is well known control system used in the industries. They are used basically in electrotechnical industries for assembly lines and robotic devices. It is familiar for its used in the jagged digital computers. 


This system engulfs both hardware and software platforms. Supervisory control and data acquisition entails in automation and control systems. It is pertinent supervisory control and data procurement. SCADA is used in all rostrums 


Ladder log is the programable language used to frame codes for PLC. Using Ladder Log the circuits can be created and represented in ladder form. The programmable logic controls can be commenced wielding the Ladder Log.

Automation Testing

Automation testing is the proficiency of checking the validation of a software using certain tools. It solves the provision of checking the bulky software that are hard to do by manual testing. Each phase of the software lifecycle 

Manual Testing

Manual testing is the first test that is essential to be carried out on a software. It is the basic test that can help to omit the errors that may be present after designing a software. In this technique the developer acts as the end user 

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a confounded blend of various advances, methods and techniques which straightforwardly influence your advertising dollars adequacy. There are a ton of specialized abbreviations gliding around the web. These can be befuddling, and here and there overwhelming, for some organizations. We’ll plot a couple of these terms for you to all the more likely comprehend what this all methods for your business. And These are SEO(Search Engine Optimization), PPC(Pay Per Click), SMM(Social Media Marketing).