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Top 5 Web Development Tricks you Should know in 2018

Real-Time Web Apps: This technology ensures that the client-server connection is not closed. Clients don’t have to manually check if new events or data has occurred, like before. It first became popular on NODE.js but is now popular on Ruby on Rails and other frameworks.

Motion UI: This website design trend shot to fame in 2017, and continues it’s dream run this year too. Contrary to what many users think, the whole idea with motion user interface is not clustering the web page with ads, popup, GIFs and animations, nor is it about keeping it minimalistic. The whole idea is about moderation: using animation too well, animate conventional content and make it look lively. Motion UI is a method to make your website dynamic with animated charts, backgrounds, page header transitions, smooth hovers and modular scrolling.

Blockchain: Blockchain refers to an array of devices used to record transitions and assets (mainly crypto currencies) that are exchanged. Through this process, accountability, security and transparency can be endured. Your website will obviously deal with selling products and services and transactions- hence, blockchain plays a crucial role. Sectors implementing blockchain: education, finance, telecom, retail, IT & health to keep fraud at bay.

One Page Websites: Trend of minimalism- demands for scrollable, single page websites. No navigation, no confusion, no irrelevant information. Mobile friendly, cheaper to develop, launch and maintain. However, these type of websites are not feasible for e-commerce sites, blogs and so on.

AI Enhanced Bots: Chatbots are handy as they can engage with the customer during off business hours, or when other customer service agents are busy. Chatbots can start conversing with visitors and attempt to resolve customer queries based on FAQs and provide almost human interactions. With chatbots, you can provide that support at lesser cost and free your HR for other important work.

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